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Old 09-24-2016, 03:35 PM
23109VC 23109VC is offline Searching PDF in ONeNote on Surface Windows 10 Searching PDF in ONeNote on Surface Office 2016
Searching PDF in ONeNote on Surface
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Default Searching PDF in ONeNote on Surface

I have a Surface Pro 4 and have run into a problem when trying to search PDFs I print to ON.

When I insert a printout - I should be able to search the contents of that printout w/in onenote.. on my surface there is a problem.

even though I have the correct settings for allowing the images to search text - when I hit CTRL-F and try to search on the page for certain text - it will not find it exactly.

if I have a word document, it will find them perfectly. it locates the piece of text and even highlights it. if howee,r I insert a PDF, it almost always fails to find it. it seems as if it knows the word is there..and it looks for it - but it can't show me exactlhy where on the page it is nor does it appropriately highlight it.

some, but VERY few, PDFS seem to work fine. I have downloaded some off the internet and they seem to work..but the ones I print to ON don't work. scans from other people - don't work. it doensn't matter if I inset them from ON or if I am in a PDF program likeAdobe or Drawboard and print TO Onenote and insert it that way - either way, the PDF is there, I can scroll through it, but when I try to search for text, it's not there.

a coworker said he belived it was a known bug with ON on the surface pro and had something to do with the screen resolution being too high..

has anyone else had this problem and is there a way to fix it?
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