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Old 03-12-2016, 05:37 PM
NJMorf NJMorf is offline Globally replace typeface by name? Windows 10 Globally replace typeface by name? Office 2010 32bit
Globally replace typeface by name?
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Default Globally replace typeface by name?

OneNote 2016 32-bit running on Windows 10.

I've got a number of notebooks in which I've used the monospace typeface Consolas to differentiate text. It doesn't really stand out enough from the rest of the text (using the default choice of Calibri) so I want to change it all to Courier New instead. I'd like to be able to do this all in one go, or at least no more often than once a page (I've got far too much text to do it all by hand, particularly when it's not that easy to spot Consolas on the page).

I've found the Onetastic add-in, which has a macro for selecting text with similar formatting to that which is already highlighted. Unfortunately, I'm having two problems with it. First is getting it to work at all on my normal PC (though I've been able to install it in a clean VM); second is that it doesn't seem to select all of the matching text, and when I subsequently try to change the font for the selected text, it doesn't do it for all of the selection, only bits. I've done what I can to ask the author about the problem.

In the meantime, does anyone know of any other way I can do the following:

1. select all of the text formatted as Consolas within the current page, current notebook or all open notebooks
2. Change the typeface to Courier New without changing any other formatting.

While all of the text I want to change is in Consolas, it's in different sizes and may be in bold or part of a heading. I therefore only really want to select by and change the typeface. If OneNote had the same find-and-replace functionality as Word, I wouldn't even be having this problem, of course. Worst case scenario, I copy everything into Word, apply the changes, then paste it all back into OneNote, but if I do it that way, it'll merge everything into one text box, which I'll then have to manually fix.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
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