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Old 11-03-2011, 05:03 PM
Gary Tayman Gary Tayman is offline Sharepoint Designer 2007 Problems Windows 7 64bit Sharepoint Designer 2007 Problems Office 2007
Sharepoint Designer 2007 Problems
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Default Sharepoint Designer 2007 Problems

I'm having a problem with this software. Maybe it's me; maybe I'm just stupid, but I positively cannot make my website do what I want it to do, and this should be a very simple task.

The index page of my website -- I wrote a new paragraph, and the first few words are a different color than the rest of the paragraph. It's all fine and dandy until I uploaded it to my server. When viewed with Explorer, it made the entire paragraph black. I tried some experimenting with fonts and various other attributes and it is ignored -- Fine in the program, but when I upload it changes it all back to basic black.

Through a whole ot of cutting and pasting, I managed to get things to the point where the entire paragraph is orange -- so it's not too bad. But why does it refuse to make it the colors I want?

It so happens the paragraph I had earlier had two colors. Elsewhere in the website I have two colors in a lot of places. But now this page is acting very squirrelly.

If you want to view the website it's On the index page, what I want is "Fall season is here" to be in orange and the rest of the paragraph black. How hard is that? If somebody knowledgeable can look at it, even download it and look at the code, I would sure like to find out why it's doing this.

Now, one disclaimer: I think this page might have originally been written in Dreamweaver. But the last several revisions have been in Sharepoint, and up till now I've had no problems. Any suggestions?
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