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Sorting per multiple row conditions
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Exclamation Sorting per multiple row conditions

Hey guys,

so I'm currently on an internship for a major tech company and they've lightheartedly said that if I fix a specific IT issue, they will give me a job there.

...However, in order for me to fix this, I need to manage a tremendous amount of data and sort it in a very specific manner.
The bottom line is:

I want Excel to sort data based on whether or not TWO fields have equal content. This might get complicated, but I'll try my best to explain. I've attached a screenshot of a small snippet of the spreadsheet with the categories.

(Link removed by moderation)

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Capture" border="0"></a>

Basically I need it to sort depending on whether the following conditions are met within TWO ROWS:

"FAQ GUID" needs to have the same value on both rows
"Mapping 1" needs to contain the content "Classification one" and "Classification two" on the the rows respectively.
"Conditions title" need to have the same two pieces of content, like "ID+V" after "Classification one" and "Escalation" after "Classification two".
However, I need it to also sort those cases by grouping together the rest of the identical "FAQ GUID".

Basically I want Excel to bunch together FAQ GUID cases where the two classifications, Classification One and Classification Two, match up in their following "Condition Title" content, like all cases where ID+V and Escalation are both present as in the screenshot attached.

In case this sounds crazy or nonsensical, a bit of background story might help on what I'm trying to achieve, in case you have a some tips:

I need to group together 8 versions of all FAQs together, one for each language, and the only thing they have in common is that their classification one and classification two are the same. However, as I have 80.000 rows, this would take literally a month to do if I can't do it automatically.

Any help guys? My apologies if this seems messy, as you might have guessed I'm not the most Excel savvy guy but I learn fast so go nuts.

My own theories include:

Using functions to meet the three conditions.
Using color to eliminate 1 out of 3 conditions (coloring all Classification one rows green for example)

Kind regards,

James Stewart
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Hi and welcome
please post a sample sheet with some data and expeted results ( no pics please)
I also removed links to external sites as they are potentially dangerous, and not all our members can access them.
Post on the board instead

Also please avoid unnecessary items in your thread title . I corrected it for you

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