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Old 12-06-2005, 03:11 PM
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Maybe I need help with "Lookups"?
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Default Maybe I need help with "Lookups"?

Hi all...a newbie here.

I'm okay with many Excel functions, but I don't go too deep: Can't do macros, lookups, that sort of thing.

Here's my dilemma: Sheet-2 has a list of 10 aircraft, and the goal is to accumulate the hours-flown for each aircraft...Column A is the aircraft# (1-10), B is the aircraft name, C is the accumulated hours-flown. Keeping it simple, let's say that A1=1, B1=Cessna, and C1=26.5

Now, back to Sheet-1: Someone flew the Cessna for 2 A1 I'll enter 1 for the aircraft#, and in B1 I'll enter "2" for the hours-flown. Now Sheet-2 C1=28.5, or maybe some cell on Sheet-1, for all I care.

I can, of course, just go to Sheet 2, find the right column/cell and update manually, but this is duplicated effort that leaves way too much room for human error.

If anyone can help with this, it would be much appreciated...let me know if you want a copy of the existing spreadsheet.

Garry (
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