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Old 10-15-2016, 02:46 PM
Andkins Andkins is offline Word file naming macro Windows 7 32bit Word file naming macro Office 2007
Word file naming macro
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Default Word file naming macro

I have a Word document that my team uses as a template for letters to clients. The file name is the same as the name of a related PDF document but with an added suffix or two.

It's easy to copy the PDF file name and paste it as the Word file name then add the suffix, but is there a way to program Word to pull that information automatically? The suffix is the author's initials, and sometimes another code, so it has to be added manually.

Additionally, or perhaps alternatively, a couple fields in the letter repeat information in the file name. The file name is always Recipient_ClaimNumber_InvoiceNumber, and the letter has fields for the claim and invoice number. (The underscores are part of the file name.) Is it possible to populate those fields in the letter by drawing from the file name? Is it easier to have the file name draw from the letter? The Recipient part of the file name is a short version of a longer name used in the letter, and does not consistently reflect the recipient name.

I don't know anything about programming or macros, so I'll need as much patience and detail as you can give me. I'm trying to learn how to expand beyond the basic elements of Office programs. Thanks for your help and guidance.
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Old 10-15-2016, 08:58 PM
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gmayor gmayor is offline Word file naming macro Windows 10 Word file naming macro Office 2016
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I have a feeling that you are approaching this from the wrong angle. Do we take it that you are using an existing document and renaming it for each new letter? If so, don't!

Save the letter as a template and create new letters from it. By saving it as a macro enabled template you can save any macros that the template needs in the template itself.

You say that the filename is the same name as the name of a related PDF, but you don't say what the relationship to the PDF is. You cannot automate the filename from the PDF if the macro that does the naming knows nothing about the PDF.

The initials can usually be derived from the Username (see below), but if the users have names with e.g. suffixes or titles, a lookup might be simpler than catering for each individual option.

The shortened recipient name can probably be derived from the recipient name, but you have not explained how it is shortened, or if it is shortened in a consistent manner.

Where do the Claim number and Invoice number come from? Are they manually input? If so, it would make sense to create a useform, that fires when you create a new document from the template. The userform would collect the variable data used in the template and write it to the document either using bookmarks or docvariable fields to position the data in the letter. It would also assemble the filename and save the document. The PDF however remains an unknown quantity.

See which covers the basic principles. You will also find the FillBM function on my web site, that will write a value to a bookmark.

If you want any assistance over the detail than you will need to provide more information.
Option Explicit

Function GetInitials() As String
Dim sInitials As String: sInitials = ""
Dim vName As Variant
Dim i As Long
    vName = Split(Environ("Username"), Chr(32))
    For i = 0 To UBound(vName)
        sInitials = sInitials & Left(Trim(vName(i)), 1)
    Next i
    GetInitials = sInitials
    Exit Function
End Function
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