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Old 05-03-2021, 07:46 PM
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Keithuk Keithuk is offline Rant Windows XP Rant Office 97-2003
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Default Rant

Windows 10 is the worst OS M$ have ever made that is thesame with all M$ Office versions since 2003 Professional which Iíve used on allmy OS systems. Iíve installed and tried the later version 2007 and 2010; I also have 2013 which will never get used

Windows 10 M$ is the only OS available, depending the computer/laptop make that also is another pain in the backside. So you donít have much choice in the OS unless you have a previous OS which works as it is supposed to

Every Office version installed is by userís choice becausethey have used it before. I know what you are going to say I canít open docx or xlsx files I can because I installed FileFormatConverters DOCX-DOC.exe

Every Office version after 2003 is again totally useless to me. There is NO useful menu bar its all pictures just the same as the normal desktop Windows 8 > systems

The control panel starts as normal 39 icons depending what extra you have installed

Then is all goes crap the small blue help icon top right ? is more total crap it all online help using Microsoft Edge another crap thing to use. After 3 months using a Windows 10 laptop Iíve changed the default browser to IE11 which Iíve always used before

You can Google all day and it will show nothing useful toyour problem

The easiest thing to do is these 2 reg files, as with any .reg file you don't know who has made them so just right click Edit open them up with Notepad



This is an old forum

This is an other forum fileattachments for 2 reg files have to be in a zip only not rar files package onmy Windows XP computer

If anyone what's these files let me know?

Old 05-03-2021, 09:03 PM
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macropod macropod is offline Rant Windows 10 Rant Office 2016
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macropod has a brilliant futuremacropod has a brilliant futuremacropod has a brilliant futuremacropod has a brilliant futuremacropod has a brilliant futuremacropod has a brilliant futuremacropod has a brilliant futuremacropod has a brilliant futuremacropod has a brilliant futuremacropod has a brilliant futuremacropod has a brilliant future

Kindly don't hijack other peoples' threads just to have an ignorant rant. Kindly also don't offer to supply anything off-line, especially not reg files. Post moved & thread closed.

As for using Office 2003 with docx & xlsx files, although the FileFormatConverter pack allows you to open and edit them, it also erases anything the older format doesn't support. Large workbooks get truncated, content controls, citations and bibliographies get converted to plain text, etc., etc. ad nauseum. Moreover, Office 2003 isn't compatible with Windows 10. The mere fact you can get Office 2003 running on Windows 10 doesn't make it so. Amongst other things, running incompatible software like Office 2003 compromises system security...
Paul Edstein
[Fmr MS MVP - Word]
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