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Old 12-15-2010, 07:25 PM
abrogard abrogard is offline Publisher And Web Page Publishing Windows XP Publisher And Web Page Publishing Office 2003
Publisher And Web Page Publishing
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Default Publisher And Web Page Publishing

Why no forum for Publisher? Is it dead?

I have a friend using it to send me web pages for me to put up on the web for him.

Trouble is what he sends me is an .html file and a folder full of images, needed for the file.

And - this is the real problem - that folder has a great long path that bears no relation to the final home on the website.

e.g. src="Plover%20Park%20Newsletter%20-%20Vol%202_files/image325.gif"

Now how am I going to put that up on the web?

I think I will do a global replace of that path with null because the web home for these files can all be in the same folder.

BUT I also notice this line in the code: <link rel="File-List"

and it makes me worry that if I don't duplicate this folder then the page when on the web will be broken - or if not this page then perhaps a later one..

So if there's anyone out there that remembers Publisher (is it really gone?) can they tell me either:

. How I can edit these files to make them fit for a 'all in one folder' publication


. What can I tell this guy to do so's he produces something easier for me to put up? (Note, he can't publish direct to the web).



p.s. If Publisher is gone then what should he use? He's in a quasi government setting with, presumably, the whole Microsoft Office issue...

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