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Old 06-01-2017, 05:05 AM
NIDALAP NIDALAP is offline Need Some Guidance for my Project Windows 7 64bit Need Some Guidance for my Project Office 2007
Need Some Guidance for my Project
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Default Need Some Guidance for my Project

A little background. Firstly I am using Project 2007 and I have access to Project 2016. I also completed the certification for Project 2013 so I have some basic knowledge about the software but I never used it in a professional setting. I worked for a number of years as a coordinator but used excel. So I'm not a complete neophyte however looking for some advice because I lack proper project management experience.

With that out of the way - my problem. I have a very large project which I have been tracking with a very basic time sheet in excel. Now I would like to start migrating to MS Project because I would like to figure out some statistics about the project:

- How long the whole project has taken in hours/days (I'm not working full time on it and that makes tracking rather difficult because MS Project is obviously tailored a lot more towards projects that run full time. With my progress, I've had lots of time off and it's basically proceeding hour by hour e.g. today I worked on it for 2 hours etc.) So I'm trying to figure out how long the project has taken for future reference as well as for having a better idea about how to price the final product)

- How long each task has taken to complete - so I can figure out prices for individual units. The project is somewhat simple it's just large (there is very little in the way of dependencies, in fact up to now, there have been basically no dependencies coming into play just hundreds of tasks which all come together to build a final product. This makes tracking using MS Project, again, not ideal because MS Project obviously is more of a "do this, then this leads to that then that then it's all done" so in my case, all my tasks will look like they've been going on for years because I would dabble in one thing, then move onto another, then return to the first thing, so the gannt chart will just look like a bunch of really long lines all in parallel.

So with that said, I was hoping to hear some suggestions on how you would go about such a project because as I said, I don't really have any experience creating a project and the way I'm looking at my project at the moment, it's really just a list of tasks which aren't connected in any way to each other and I'm the only resource. I'm not sure what repercussions my current structure might have on what I'm trying to achieve in terms of tracking progress. As an example, I'm obviously going to use the timesheet method to track progress, but I don't really care about accurate estimates on how long each individual task will take, I only care about how long it took to complete in the end. I know I know, my time, cost and scope is totally in jeapordy, but oh well.
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