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Old 06-06-2011, 10:57 AM
juanco juanco is offline Help with dynamic content in Microsoft Power Point Windows 7 32bit Help with dynamic content in Microsoft Power Point Office 2010 32bit
Help with dynamic content in Microsoft Power Point
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Question Help with dynamic content in Microsoft Power Point

Can someone help me with this?

I need to have those 2 banners "10 food items and the sports ad" always on 1 slide, so that when you create a new set of slides, these 2 items will always appear on every new slide..
There is no problem for a new slide (duplicate slide) to give us what we need. The problem is that if I have 3 advertisements that share the same location on the slide (in either of the two footer locations) then I need to be able to have a rotation of ads . It seems that if there were a way to individually manage each of the 5 major areas of this slide the problem would be solved. These ads are not permanent. Does that help? I'm not always great at explaining
basically I need to manage these areas of the slide individually it seems so I can control the time intervals and control the ads. If each location could be controlled then it would be easier for the client to manage them also I think
so I want that every ad you place on the slide has to be a different one on the same place but different on the next page? something like every time you add a slide, it will have a different ad/banner loaded
yes...for the most part...I may have 3 consecutive slides that show the same ad and then the next slide a new ad and then 2 slides with another ad. They just need to be indiependent I guess. BUt remember that there are not only 3 slides. THere could be 100 slides so everything that is done with this needs to be easily managed across the whole collection
Someone told me this: I will recommend the following... Let's say the slide presentation will have 50 slides for 5 different clients... so 10 each...ok? So what I will say can apply to this case can be.. you create a default template slide(with the ads/banners) for every client... so it will be 5 default slides... then when you start adding on the main presentation the 10 slides for every customer, you "REUSE" the template slide that you created before... so instead of creating a new slide 10 times for the 1st customer.. then you REUSE the template slide you created before.....that is a feature that is on power point... you think that will work for you?

for me yes, for the client no...too complicated. Right now I'm using the Slide sorter to allow him to select slides he wants in the presentation and even that is slightly yoo complicated. Here is the BIG problem: If I could easily copy an area of the slide (Sports ad for example) to another slide fast then it would make this manageable. The problem is that even in one of those ads there are multiple things to copy and paste (table, image, text, background) so even to change just one part of the slide is a major task.
Priority: The client needs to be able to choose his fod special of the day. Every day. THis is the main focus of the ad. THe TOp bar is somewhat permanent and once I insert those images with the restaurant name that area is done also. THe huge problem is the food ad in the middle bieng easily managed and then the secondary part is to be able to copy and paste the bottom two footers to other pages and individually control them. Again if there were some type of an image rotator software that cold grab these images and have them rotate that would be great
[even with the image rotator it seems that we could work with just one slide and rotate images in each of these 5 major areas.

did I confuse you? sorry to be so complicated
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