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Old 11-07-2017, 07:30 AM
bphowden bphowden is offline Crop all Images on every slide Windows 10 Crop all Images on every slide Office 2016
Crop all Images on every slide
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Default Crop all Images on every slide

Hi - I have images that are the exact same size on every slide (around 200 slides) and I'd like to crop them all by the exact same amount AND then resize them.

I'm happy to play around with the figures but I've no idea how to create macro's without using the "record macro" button which does not exist in PPT.

Does anyone have a macro for this? The images have come from the snipping tool, i'm not sure how powerpoint treats these from an image perspective.

I have worked out the macro for size but unsure on how to have this repeated for all images/shapes rather than the active selected: (still not sure how to crop)

Sub Resize()
With ActiveWindow.Selection.ShapeRange
.Height = 21.35 * 28.346
.Width = -0.02 * 28.346
.Left = -1.5 * 28.346
.Top = 1.25 * 28.346

End With
End Sub

Original crop & size values:

New crop & size values:

Thanks in advance,


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