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Old 01-06-2015, 10:40 PM
PolarisTLX PolarisTLX is offline Macros to select random odd numbered slide Windows 7 64bit Macros to select random odd numbered slide Office 2007
Macros to select random odd numbered slide
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Question Macros to select random odd numbered slide

Trying to create random flash cards using power point.

I think I almost have the code right. I only need a slight modification to it.

Slide 1 is question. Slide 2 is Answer. All odd numbered slides are questions and their subsequent answer is the next slide.

After seeing an answer (even numbered slide) I would place a link that runs the macros which picks the next random question (odd numbered slide).

So I would just need a macros that chooses another random odd numbered slide. That number should also be less then the total number of slides.

I think I almost have it working from an example I found that is loosely similar but it doesn't quite work perfectly. This is what I have so far:

Dim visited() As Boolean
Dim numSlides As Long
Dim numRead As Integer
Dim numWanted As Integer
Sub Initialize()

numWanted = 5
numRead = 0
numSlides = ActivePresentation.Slides.Count
ReDim visited(numSlides)
For i = 2 To numSlides - 1
visited(i) = False
Next i
End Sub
Sub RandomNext()
Dim nextSlide As Long

If numRead >= numWanted Or numRead >= numSlides - 2 Then
nextSlide = Int((numSlides - 2) * Rnd + 2)
While visited(nextSlide) = True
nextSlide = Int((numSlides - 2) * Rnd + 2)
ActivePresentation.SlideShowWindow.View.GotoSlide nextSlide
End If
End Sub

Anyone know what I need to change or have a better code for this?

Thank you very much.
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Old 01-08-2015, 02:26 AM
JohnWilson JohnWilson is offline Macros to select random odd numbered slide Windows 7 64bit Macros to select random odd numbered slide Office 2010 32bit
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JohnWilson will become famous soon enoughJohnWilson will become famous soon enough

Maybe something based on:

Sub getNext()
Dim lngCount As Long
Dim lngOddslides As Long
Static rayOdd() As Long
Dim L As Long
Dim x As Integer
Dim nextSld As Long
lngCount = ActivePresentation.Slides.Count
lngOddslides = lngCount \ 2 + lngCount Mod 2
On Error Resume Next
If UBound(rayOdd) < 1 Or rayOdd(1) = 0 Then
ReDim rayOdd(1 To lngOddslides)
For L = 1 To lngCount Step 2
x = x + 1
rayOdd(x) = L
Next L
End If
nextSld = Int(Rnd * (UBound(rayOdd))) + 1
SlideShowWindows(1).View.GotoSlide rayOdd(nextSld)
rayOdd(nextSld) = rayOdd(UBound(rayOdd))
If UBound(rayOdd) > 1 Then
ReDim Preserve rayOdd(1 To UBound(rayOdd) - 1)
Else: ReDim rayOdd(1 To 1)
End If
End Sub
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