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Old 10-12-2011, 08:46 AM
maxiD maxiD is offline Multiple Issues Windows 7 32bit Multiple Issues Office 2007
Multiple Issues
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Default Multiple Issues


I'm sorry if this question is stupid, but I really feel stupid not working out a solution for this myself:

A few years ago, I opened a small business, let's say its called "123".

I needed Outlook (Exchange) as I am continously working from different locations across different countries.

So I started using "me@123.COM" from a Hosted Exchange Provider, I have slowly expanded my mailbox and am now at 15GB.

Earlier this year, my company "123" got bought over by another company which I now work for called "789", and now I need to use as my e-mail address.

In 789 (because of the nature of the business), we do not have Exchange, we use POP3.

I still need to use Exchange because of my travelling, and usage of multiple computers.

So what I've done as a workaround is set up my main computer in the office to download the e-mails from my POP3 account at "", and deliver them to my inbox on Exchange which is still exists for my ""

This way I can get all my e-mails on Exchange.

But I'm now facing several problems which I hope you can help me solve:
1) I can't "Reply From" unless I'm using my computer in the office. So everytime I need to answer e-mails sent to me at, I have to use Remote Access to connect to my work computer just so I can reply back from the right e-mail address - this is ridiculous and doesn't work well for me because i can't do offline replies. Any way to set up Outlook on my other computers so that I can reply from ""?

2) I also use a blackberry, i've set up 2 accounts on it - 1 for my hosted exchange account "" and 1 for my POP3 account "" my blackberry keeps buzzing all day because it get's the message when it comes through on "" and then again when it get's "pulled" by my Exchange mailbox. Has anyone faced a similar problem? Any suggestions for a solution?

3) 789 is a much larger company and now I get CC'ed into e-mails all day, I really need to have a record of a lot of my e-mails, but with the quantity of the copied e-mails I get - and the max size of my exchange account (15gb), I can't keep a lot anymore, so I archive them to several PST's on my main computer in the office. However this is a manual process, and now I have so many PST's I can't keep track of them, and often because of the size of my OST, my outlook crashes and then has to re-start which takes 2-3 hours while it repairs the OST and PST files. Also it's not ideal because if I'm away from the office for several weeks, my mailbox get's too full and I have to keep going through remote access to archive. Has anyone faced a similar problem? Any suggestions for a solution?

Thanks in Advance for your advice!
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