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Old 01-26-2023, 01:09 AM
Moondoggy Moondoggy is offline Junk vs. rules in mail app Windows 10 Junk vs. rules in mail app Office 2016
Junk vs. rules in mail app
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Default Junk vs. rules in mail app

Can anyone explain when rules are invoked vs. blocking thru Junk Settings when using the browser interface to

I forward all of my mail to another email address. Some spam mail gets trapped and is placed in the Junk folder. Other spam mail gets forwarded to my other email address and for those that do I want to prevent the mail from being forwarded by blocking in using the browser interface to

I know that I can go to the Junk settings and enter the spammer's email address in the block senders list. The only issue I have with that is that by listing the address in Junk the mail is just placed in the Junk folder. What I would prefer to do is just delete the spam mail instead of placing it in the junk folder.

My problem is that I don't understand when rules are applied when your forwarding all of your mail. Here are some questions.

1. What gets processed first blocked addresses in the Junk Settings or Rules?
2. Do Rules only applied once a spam message lands in the inbox or would they be applied before the transfer takes place
3. Besides a Rule, is there anyway to delete inbound spam instead of placing messages like that in the Junk folder.

My issued is that I have a spammer that sends me lot of spam that looks legit but is not as when I view the email header the same geeksquad address shows up in every message. There's no need to verify the sender so why place the bogus message in the junk folder when deleting it would be better.
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