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Old 11-29-2020, 01:32 AM
cjamps cjamps is offline Autotext Macro Windows 8 Autotext Macro Office 2010 32bit
Autotext Macro
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Default Autotext Macro

I use email to text through SMS gateways. If someone tells me his carrier is verizon I write as the email address
So I was just wondering if it's possible to create a macro to simplify the copying and pasting in the email address.

if txt is verizon
emailaddress1 =
emailaddress2 =
if txt is sprint

emailaddress1 =
emailaddress2 =
if txt is att
emailaddress1 =
emailaddress2 =
if txt is tmobile

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Old 12-04-2020, 09:15 PM
AlanCantor AlanCantor is offline Autotext Macro Windows 10 Autotext Macro Office 2019
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I use Macro Express Pro to automate procedures like that. It's probably do-able with Outlook VBA, but I find Macro Express easier to work with, especially when more than one application is in the mix.

A free, 30-day evaluation copy is available through Macro Express Macros for your Windows Automation Needs. There are two versions: Macro Express and Macro Express Pro. The two are 90+% the same. Most users won't miss the extra bells-and-whistles of the Pro edition (e.g., supports for Boolean variables). The price difference between the two versions is modest.

I imagine you could make the macro work in any number of ways: For example, perhaps you want to select the email address; or perhaps you want the macro to act on an entire email message or document. Use Macro Express to extract and modify the address via a series of text manipulation statements: If Address Contains "Sprint" then do this, etc.

The macro might place the result in the Clipboard or export it into a text file. You might even be able to place the result in the Outlook address book.

This sounds like a fun scripting project to me!
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