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Old 04-13-2010, 04:36 AM
craig1000 craig1000 is offline Outlook problems are systemic Windows 7 Outlook problems are systemic Office 2003
Outlook problems are systemic
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Default Outlook problems are systemic

Am I the only one out there who realizes that Outlook is a terrible program? I came from Outlook Express after using it from the beginning. I had to upgrade and couldn't get XP again with Express and Vista was crap anyway. Maybe everyone in this forum only knows Outlook and doesn't know who difficult it is to deal with and crowded it is with crap. Anyone who has used Express knows that it is far easier and you can move things around more.

I have gone into forums and found that this message I get not being able to move items to different folders is an Outlook problem - not a corrupt file or anything else. It is a failing of Outlook. In Express this didn't happen once in 10 years of use. It had no problems at all - never, not once. And I deal with emails all day long as this is business.

Outlook is a piece of junk and all you who use it and never used Express don't know. I can't even open the Outlook folders in Windows Explorer, which I did regularly in Express to manage them and control content so easily.

I suggest everyone tell MS to shove it and fix this program and make it easy and adaptable or move on to some non-MS email program. How many years have you Outlook users been putting up with this crap?

Not only that I can't click on a column and change the order messages are in by From and date so the most recent date is at top or bottom- something that was easy in Express.

Another thing I can't do is change who the email is from easily - something done with an easy one step move in Express.

Why does MS continue to make their software worse with each supposed advance. XP was the best and Vista and Windows 7 are a downgrade - all illusions to make it look better. They really only changed the looks. This is why Mac owners love their Macs and MS owners have a love/hate relationship with MS and their computers. Mac is gaining ground and MS doesn't see it.

I think everyone should get on MS's back and demand a good product or at least give us back Express for Windows 7. I'd pay more money for Express right now if it worked in Windows 7 than than the $100 that they charge for Outlook. I'd pay $200. Will MS see this or will they ignore it? Even forums on Outlook 2007 and 2010 wonder if it will survive very long. I doubt it. We need band together and demand better now.

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