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Old 03-20-2010, 10:58 AM
jerem jerem is offline Detecting Who Opened in Email In Shared Folder Windows XP Detecting Who Opened in Email In Shared Folder Office 2003
Detecting Who Opened in Email In Shared Folder
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Default Detecting Who Opened in Email In Shared Folder

The question below was posted in some forum (canít remember which) and when I saw it I was hopeful that a solution was posted to resolve this problem because I have the same exact dilemma. Unfortunately, there was no response to the question.

"A client asked me this question and because I don't have access to an Exchange Server, I didn't know the answer....They have an inbox for their Customer Service department - that is shared by 5 users. Is it possible to see WHICH of the five users opened an email? Meaning - if an email was opened, people want to be able to know WHO opened it...and therefore who should be responsible for acting on it.
Thank you for your time."

I work with a shared inbox as well and what ends up happening is people go into these emails and pick and choose the requests that are the fastest and easiest to solve. Anything that is going to be more time consuming, they skip right over. Not that this isn't bad enough, but they forget to mark the email as unread (which is an indicator that the email hasn't been addressed at all) and the request gets entirely ignored. This has happened multiple times and we've gotten many complaints fro the customer.

Aside from setting up auditing on the mail box on Exchange Server, any vba programing that can accomplish detecting who has opened these emails and then sending an alert into a folder with a record of this, or not allow opening the email until providing a name which can be recorded in a folder, etc.?

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
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