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Old 12-12-2014, 04:40 PM
Zorak Zorak is offline Inbox repair tool (Scanpst) not responding Windows 7 64bit Inbox repair tool (Scanpst) not responding Office 2010 64bit
Inbox repair tool (Scanpst) not responding
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Default Inbox repair tool (Scanpst) not responding

Hello all first time on the forums and boy do I have a juicy one!.
I have a disgustingly huge .pst file (50GB) and, as expected, Outlook 2010 is having a tough time handling this file.

The reason I was alerted to this is someone I know needs to use their email all the time. When they open outlook (2010), almost every time it goes through the process of "verify data integrity." With a 50GB you can imagine it taking a while...approx 3-4 hours. Happiness for the user I'm sure.

Before I explain my troubleshooting/steps taken so far, I will give you the specs.
4gb Ram
AMD E-300 APU 1.3 GHz dual core
Model shouldn't matter but it is HP 2000 notebook pc

The 4gb is nice, the processor I find laughable compared to the task of handling a 50GB .pst

First thought...Is it the add-ons?
I tried disabling her add-ons on one ocassion (after she had waited the 4hrs to open outlook)
I tried booting in safe mode (outlook.exe /safe)

The next time it boots fine, but the time after that the issue came back. It still persists as originally described.

The second idea was the split the .pst, then compact the originally .pst
I spent several hours migrating older emails to a new .pst The process created a second .pst that was 17GB. I tried compacting the original .pst, assuming it would become 33GB, but after waiting 7+ hours I decided to abort since the original .pst changed by approx 2gb.

My last thought was to do a scanpst.exe run and eliminate the corruption.
After a nice 4-5 hours scan, it identified about 85,000 instances.
I click repair, I choose not to back it up, as I originally made a backup before I even started splitting it up.

As many experience, my scan for error was stuck at phase 7. After just letting it go, it seemingly skipped phase 8 and reported the errors found.

I am currently at hour 6+ repairing the corruptions in the .pst, after the first couple of minutes, it showed as not responding with the partially greyed out screen experiencing frequently in non-responding/heavy workload programs.

I am going to let it go, I am remotely monitoring (as I have done for most of this process). Also, I have been habitually checking the task manager, there is still activity with the program (approx 45000-50000 kb; 2-12 CPU, although honestly I am not familiar with what that number means, its obviously not cores lol), so something must be happening! But does anyone have an Idea of how long this process could take, given the circumstance.
I understand there are third party programs that are considered better than office's provided utility program. That is a last option, as unfortunately money is very tight.

I know this isn't the easiest thing to answer. Thank you all in advance!!!
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Old 12-14-2014, 07:27 PM
GerryLu GerryLu is offline Inbox repair tool (Scanpst) not responding Windows 7 32bit Inbox repair tool (Scanpst) not responding Office 2010 32bit
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Hi Zorak
What's the result of scan?

I have no experience of using scanpst over such a hugh pst file, but you 'd better run it several times
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Old 12-16-2014, 11:05 AM
Zorak Zorak is offline Inbox repair tool (Scanpst) not responding Windows 7 64bit Inbox repair tool (Scanpst) not responding Office 2010 64bit
Inbox repair tool (Scanpst) not responding
Join Date: Dec 2014
Posts: 2
Zorak is on a distinguished road

It came back with 85,000+ instances of corruption. After a stupid amount of hours (15+) I closed the program because I found no indication that the program was doing anything anymore.

I purchased "Kernell for Outlook PST Recovery"

It read the file fine, but when I told it to save, splitting the pst into increments of 5gb (highest option), it goes and goes and goes.

I am currently at hour 16 of running this program. The program is still responsive and gives me clear indication of where it is at (e.g. what email file is being exported). Still 16 hours with an i5-4670k (pretty good processor) seems rediculous.

With my luck, tech support is in India and hasnt responded since I contacted them 5 hours ago....

It seems to be running, so I will let it run. My estimates is that the process will take about 20-30 hours, which is insane.
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