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Old 11-16-2012, 10:21 PM
astro46 astro46 is offline Outlook 2013 corrupting custom contact form Windows 7 64bit Outlook 2013 corrupting custom contact form Office 2010 64bit
Outlook 2013 corrupting custom contact form
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Default Outlook 2013 corrupting custom contact form

i have found that a custom contact form, that i have used at least since office 2003 (if not earlier), and has worked in 2007 and 2010, doesn't function in OL13. clicking on a phone option from drop down box does not produce the option chosen. click on 'call back' produces 'home fax', i get an email label in phone listings, business addresses show up when clicking 'home' etc. it is non functional. i have also found that right clicking on email addresses, that normally would allow me to choose "properties" doesn't give the 'properties" option.

i tried deleting files in forms cache. didn't help. i went to my desktop computer, which is still working ok with ol10, made .oft copy of custom contact form and placed it on laptop. then went into developer>choose a form>user templates>my custom form and it produced the corrupt form, rather than the version i installed. i tried to open the native form, hoping perhaps to modify that to use, using developer>design a form>contact (from standard form library), opened it, found that it appears on screen for half a second and then transforms into the custom form. developer>choose a form>contact (from standard library)> produces the native contact form, but then when i click 'design this form', it transforms the native form into my custom form. i can't use the native outlook contact form even if i want to.

i used Rollback to allow me to put computer into previous states. i set the laptop back to just before i uninstalled office 2010. the custom outlook contact form worked correctly. then went forward to just after installing office 2013. the custom contact form was corrupt.

i have tried using 32bit as well as 64 bit office. no difference.

i have heard from a person that is having a similar problem with a custom email forms.
is anyone else having this problem with OL13? Are all custom forms from previous versions of Outlook going to be corrupted in 2013? or, does anyone have an idea as to how i can make the custom form work with office 2013?
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Old 04-15-2013, 09:42 AM
jawe3d jawe3d is offline Outlook 2013 corrupting custom contact form Windows 8 Outlook 2013 corrupting custom contact form Office 2013
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Default Microsoft ... Fix your outlook 2013

Has Microsoft come out with a fix for this?

It's so easy to reproduce.

1) Open Outlook 2013
2) Customize the Ribbon...
3) Check on the Developer Tab
4) Design a Form
5) Select Contact out of Standard Forms Library

Notice that in the Phone selection fields it says
"E-mail3", (When is an email a phone number?)
"Other Fax" and

Under all previous versions of Outlook, it was
"Business Fax"

Come on Microsoft get a Hot Fix for this! It's stopping our rollout of Office 2013.
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