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Old 03-09-2009, 08:09 AM
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Decoding mailto subjects
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Default Decoding mailto subjects

How do you determine and more importantly, change the way Outlook decodes the characters specified in the mailto subject?

I have a computer running Chinese (CJK). On my server i am generating javascript which generates a mailto URL. This mailto contains a subject which contains a special character encoded in UTF-8.

When is run on the Chinese machine when Outlook is the default mail client, a new mail window opens but the Subject is garbled. It appears that Outlook is using the machines local to decode it (i.e. its using CJK not UTF-8).

Note: This works OK when using a Chinese machine and Thunderbird as the mail client.

I was wondering if there is anyway i can tell Outlook that it should be decoding using UTF-8 and not the machines character set.


Javascript generated by my server for the mailto link
javascript:{ var subject = encodeURIComponent('乐'); var body = encodeURIComponent('hello'); var mailto = 'mailto:?subject=' + subject + '& body=' + body; window.location = mailto;}
Replace the "window.location = mailto;" with alert(mailto) to see what the actual javascript is. Place that in any browser address bar, the alert box will show
mailto:?subject=%26%23x4e50%3B& body=hello
You can see this is UTF-8 encoding.

If i run this on an English machine using Thunderbird i see my subject as the following which is decoded UTF-8
However on the Chinese machine, i do not see the original single chinese character that i started off with (i.e. what 乐 looks like in CJK). Instead its garbled.

So how to i tell Outlook to decode the mailto using UTF-8?

Is there any settings in Outlook that determine things like this.
We tried setting the Encoding in the read options to be UTF-8 and that made no difference.

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