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Old 10-15-2019, 02:06 AM
Mark Turner Mark Turner is offline Sum not calculating automatically Windows 10 Sum not calculating automatically Office 2010
Sum not calculating automatically
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Default Sum not calculating automatically

I have a macro spreadsheet, that has started to not recalculate the sum when data is altered.
The sheet is set for automatic calculation and the setting for automatic calculations are in place.
But when data is changes the =SUM formula does not alter unless the cell is edited by using Function F2 which then changes the total to the correct new number?

What is the corruption and how can it be rectified?
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Old 10-15-2019, 03:02 AM
ArviLaanemets ArviLaanemets is offline Sum not calculating automatically Windows 8 Sum not calculating automatically Office 2016
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Looks like text string is copied into cell formatted as General by VBA code!

When you have a numeric value entered into cell as string, it remains string until the cell is edited. Copying string value directly or by code into worksheet doesn't fire calculation event.

An example:
Format column A as Text. Into range A1:A3 enter values 1,2,3;
Into cell C1 enter the formula =SUM(A1:A3). The result will be 0;
Format column A as General. The result remains 0;
Edit range A1:A3 (select the range and press F2 and enter 3 times, or emter the number 1 elsewhere, copy the cell with entered 1, and use PasteSpecial>Multiply on range A1:A3). The result will be 6.
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