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Old 07-13-2011, 02:46 AM
Il_Fabietto Il_Fabietto is offline Macro Excel Windows 2K Macro Excel Office 2003
Macro Excel
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Default Macro Excel

Hello, I imagine that this problem has already been discussed.
I have 12 spreadsheets (one per month) with a few columns, I would like to create on the last sheet (13 °) a macro that generates a table with a column in the months in a row and the sum of column values ​​grouped in individual sheets.

Let me explain

spreadsheets 1....12
A 7
B 6
C 9
A 5
B 2
G 2
A 2

Output spreadsheet 13

Gen Feb Mar....Dic
A 14 ...
B 8 ...
C 9 ...

G 2 ...

Tot 33 ... ...

I hope I was clear

Thanks for your cooperation
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Old 07-14-2011, 01:43 PM
pkrishna pkrishna is offline Macro Excel Windows Vista Macro Excel Office 2007
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It is not very clear to me, but take a look at the following:



2G7B1A1B2B3Row:10Row:11JanFebMarAprMayJunRow:12A142109924Row:13B898966Row:14C907700Row:15G21190118Bear with the crummy notation I had to employ to designate the Rows and Columns.In your case each of the monthly numbers and categories inside a box will be on a separate worksheet.Note that the category order in each worksheet is different.The summarized information is presented in the second table.The formula here is: =SUMIF(C$3:C$9,$B12,D$3$9) - for "A-Jan"Explanation: SumIF function takes three arguments. A range foe the criteria, the Criteria, and the Range to be summedHere the number 14 for A-Jan is arrived at by considering the range c$3-c$9, comparing with the value in $B12 ("A") and if there is a match, summing the corresponding entry in the range D$3-D$9The '$' before the row number or column designation freeze the value from being incremented as you move across or down.So, the number 11 for G-May is obtained by =SUMIF(K$3:K$9,$B15,L$3:L$9)This is trivial if you have some experience with Excel, but would look intimidating for a noviceLet me know if it is clear enough.
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Old 07-14-2011, 01:51 PM
pkrishna pkrishna is offline Macro Excel Windows Vista Macro Excel Office 2007
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Sorry about the previous reply. What looked like a passable formatting in the preview got horribly changed in the posted version.

Let me try again. Hope this image version stays intact.

No, the picture is no more than a generic icon.

Sorry for cluttering up the space.
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Old 07-28-2011, 02:40 AM
Catalin.B Catalin.B is offline Macro Excel Windows Vista Macro Excel Office 2007
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why do you need a macro for that...
Looks like a simple task, you can create a collector workbook, connected to the monthly workbook, as the samples atached. When you have a new workbook with data, just use a copy of the collector workbook with changing the data source (Data-edit links-change source-and browse to where your new data is located-select file-ok)
if your task is more complicated, you have to give more details...
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