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Default Trouble using bullet points / sub bullet points within Word 2013

Hi Everyone,

I am having a challenge with sub-bulleting within a Word 2013 document. I suspect that the root of my problem is the fact that I am working within a table. Please have a look at the diagram below -

Instead of having an arrow (>) at the bottom of the diagram I instead want to have a bullet (*) which is indented to the same extent as the circled bullet.

In order to try and achieve this I have used the following techniques -

1). ALT + SHIFT + ARROW; however only the right arrow will work, which indents the arrow (>) further and changes it's appearance.

2). Delete key until I am back at full left justification and then clicking the bullet button again, however this only produces another arrow (>) as shown above!

3). Checked my 'Autocorrect options', and they are as shown below.

If anybody can offer any advice on how to better manage my bullet points it will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

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