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Default Copy and Paste from File to File but File Names always change

First I'll let you know what I have and then let you know what I'm trying to accomplish.
I have a file - products.xlsm with a copy row macro that will copy from "XYZ worksheet" and paste to "Quote worksheet"
This is all working fine and no issues.
What I'm trying to accomplish is to be able to use the copy past macro to paste to a "quote worksheet" that exists in different files. These different files would have a different name all the time, never to repeat. Also there could be many of these files open all at the same time.

Is there a way in my products.xlsm workbook to set up my copy/paste row macro to default to whatever file I choose?

for example...I have the following files open.


All of these files have the same worksheets in them titled "quote"

I want to be able to copy anything in the products.xlsm file and paste to any of the files of my choosing onto the "quote" worksheet. This copy and paste function would happen several hundred times so it would be nice to have something where I don't have to select the file every single time I copy/paste. Be able to set the destination of the copy/paste macro and it be this same destination until I change it.

Possibly a cell A1 in the products.xlsm file where you type the file name of where you want to paste to and the macro reads this file name to complete the copy/paste macro function???

Really have no clue how to accomplish this. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
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