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One other frustration I seem to be having with this report, is when I open the report manually to edit for instance, I select the recipients using an existing list, edit the recipients for DR and HPL for example (I know that there is E2 data available there).

The merge document is several pages showing the mergefields and their formula and switches etc. If I choose to preview results, nothing changes. When normally I could scroll through the records to see the data populating the report, all I see now is the merge field text.

The only way I can see the data, is to select each merge field in the report and 'toggle field code'. But as soon as I select to scroll to the next record, I have to repeat that.

What am I doing wrong? This makes editing of the report very difficult, as the only way I can see the entire body, header and footer table as one to make any changes is the minimize everything by manually toggling the fields to bring everything together. Otherwise, its all broken up in its merge field view among several pages.
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