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Default How to disable Macros for all Office Programs for non-Admin users


I have the Office 2007 Suite on a Win7 machine, and I have two users on the machine: An Admin user which I use, and what is essentially a guest user login (Standard, Non-admin user), for other people to come in and use the machine.

This computer is not on a Domain, it's simply in its own little workgroup.

I'd like to make sure that when the Guest user is logged in, they cannot change the macro executions from what I've set:

However, if I simply set this in the Office Programs themselves via Trust Center > Macro Settings while logged in as the Admin, the Guest user can simply change those settings.

What's the easiest way for me to "lock in" those settings, so that a non-Admin user cannot change them?

If it is easier, answers on how to prevent a specific user (rather than all non-Admin users), would be helpful as well. It's only one user that I need to restrict.
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