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Exclamation linking a word file and an excell file on a macbook pro


I'm in desperate need of advice: for my job, I am creating a business plan template with a word doc and an excell doc (microsoft office for mac 2008) so that the changes I make in the excell doc are automatically made in the word doc. I am using a mac book pro I bought in April.

It all works up to a certain point (ex: when I save, or try sending both files by email, etc..) where suddenly, the 2 files don't link automatically anymore (although the links still appear and therefore still exist): when I make changes in the excell (type: Microsoft excell 97: 2004) it doesn't make them in the linked word doc!!Still, when I am on the word doc (the one that doesn't work anymore), I click on "edit" and then on "links" to see the different links in the word doc, this is what appears under "source file" (I am French, so not sure of the translation of "fichier source"):
"Macintosh HD:Users:fleurdurand-smet:Desktop:version déf for district distributors: District distributor template 13_07_10.xlsx". The linked excell doc or source file is indeed named "district distributor template 13_07_10.xlsx, and the folder in which you can find it is called "version déf for district distributors".

I have no idea what the problem is, and why the 2 files suddenly don't link anymore. Do you have any advice?

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