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Question Can I search all OneNote notebooks at once on iOS devices?


I'm transferring from Evernote to OneNote and the only problem I am having is not being able to see a way to search all my OneNote notebooks at once on the mobile apps (I have the latest update on an iPhone 6 and an iPad Air).

Actually I can't even work out how the search behaviour is meant to work.

For example I have 3 notebooks open on my iPhone. I search for the word assessment. That word appears in (at least) the name of two notes in each of the three notebooks. The search result only offers the two notes in one of the notebooks - that notebook happens to be the middle one on my list of open notebooks.

Is the search meant to search the text of notes or only the name?
Is there a way to search all notebooks at once? Or all open notebooks at least?
If not, how do you know which notebook is to be searched?

Any hints or guidance on where to look for information would be much appreciated

Cheers, Bernadette
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