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Default multiple row updates


May be my questions sound little novice, I will ask the question anyways and then also explain the requirement, if what I am asking is not possible in InfoPath , let me know an alternative approach within InfoPath.

I am using InfoPath 2010 with SharePoint 2010.

Is it possible to Update value of a field for multiple rows of a SharePoint list using InfoPath , not using Repeating controls interface which end user interacts with but using Rules or Code such that only Form designer can update it behind the scenes ?

My requirement is , I need to fire a workflow that can inspect all items of a list (say "Shopping Cart") and accordingly Add/Edit items in another list (say "Bought Items") - when an end user clicks a button manually (say the button is called "Place order"). The solution I am using is to maintain a field which is set to 0 when the items are originally added to "Shopping Cart" and I want to be able to set the value of this field for all items in "Shopping Cart" to 1 when the button is clicked by end user. And then I have a workflow firing at Edit Item which can check if the value is 1 it will do what's needed else exit. I Created the required View of the "Shopping Cart" list, and then further modified this View page by adding another InfopathForm webpart on top of the default ListViewEditor webpart to accommodate the button that end user can click called something like... "Confirm Booking and Buy". However I can NOT find a way using which I can construct any rules on the click of this button which can Update the field called Status (which I created to store 0 or 1 as explained earlier) for ALL the rows. Using the Main Submit connection I can only Set value of a field for the 1st row AND there is no way to Set Value of a field for any other Data Connection ?

So just to re state the question - how to Set value of a field in SharePoint List for MULTIPLE ROWS using InfoPath when the InfoPath Form is already a Edit/New form for a SharePoint List .


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