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Default Problems with filling in forms

Hello all,

Ive got a problem with re entering information in a form.

Ive managed to design a form, secure it as a file, and save it as a template.
In the form ive got two fields inserted via, insert > Quick Parts > Document propertie.
Its the field Title and field Author.

As it is a template, the idea behind these fields is it automaticly inserts the author who is working with the template, and when he / she saves this form, the name inserted in the field "Title" is automaticly added to the file name. (very handy )
This procedure works great, except....

You can only enter / edit the above fields ONCE. Once you entered something and " leave" this field, you cant enter anything else, or correct the field.
Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong ? You will be a great help.

Thank you very much !
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