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Question Inserting PDF as background for notes, looking for a better way

Hello all,

So I'm a student with a surface and I've converted almost completely to digital. I get a lot of PDF's and while the new W10 PDF reader allows you to finally erase when using the surface pen it just isn't as good as using OneNote.

I want to be able to insert a PDF into OneNote and be able to effectively take notes. Unfortunately when I do this weird things are always happening to the PDF. For example: it will resize the PDF, copy it, delete it, and other things as I'm writing or resting my hand on screen. It is incredibly annoying.

What I'm am especially looking for is a way to make the PDF image a background that is locked in place but I'm also wondering if there is a better way.

I'm currently running W10 and using the OneNote Universal app but I have access to desktop OneNote.

Again thanks for the help, First post on the forum
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