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Default Activities from gmail calendar belonging to a church appears in my Outlook 2013 calendar?

I did a sync today from my VCOrganizer Pro on my Droid Turbo phone with my Outlook 2013 on my desktop computer which I have done many times successfully. For the first time ever the activities from a gmail calendar that belongs to a church appears on my Outlook calendar. I checked the VCOrganizer Pro calendar settings and found the church's name listed under Sync With Mobile Calendar. I used to work for the church and figure this is why the church's name was in my VCOrganizer Pro settings. So I removed the church's name and replaced with ---Do Not Sync---.

However, the church's activities still show up in both VCOrganizer Pro calendar as well as the Outlook Calendar on my desktop.

I have a gmail account but it is not used with my Outlook. My email address in Outlook is @

I don't know how to remove the church's calendar activities from my Outlook 2013 calendar.

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