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Default My file size has grown to 65 meg

I am using Office 2007 with Word 8.0, Win 7, and lots of memory and HD space.

I have a newsletter which contains many jpeg pictures. The pictures were inserted one by one, sized, and border applied, then compressed as a group rather than individually. There are both color and B&W pictures. I have followed my procedure many times in the past, successfully. My expected file size was 2 - 3 meg, not the 63 meg I have.

I have been unable to find any techniques on the net to resolve problem. I have converted the file to a PDF and file size is just over 1 meg in size. I have tried re-saving with a new name, copying content to a new file, modifying regedit to stop saving an extra copy of picture (found by a Microsoft forum query).

None of these have resulted in a smaller file size.

Any suggestions and perhaps an explanation of what has happened to cause this would be appreciated.

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