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Default New heights of construction!

Okay, folks, I just had to share this. I have been working as a Word professional for nearly a decade, and believe me, I have seen wild documents, but one I received for fixing this morning takes the cake.

Our graphic artist brought me a 6-page marketing piece in Word, in which some of the text had been laid out in two columns, left aligned (rag right). But he could select only rows spanning both.

Indeed, no multiple columns were set. I turned on hidden character display. Each full line across was it's own paragraph -- meaning that the person who composed this had had to select parts of lines from the bottom of the article and paste each bit to fit the new "right column." But here's the real kicker: there was no tab separating the first column of text of each line from the part in the "second column". Instead, the space between to the two words -- the last of the line in the first column and the first of the same line in the second -- had been custom expanded (character formatting) to the necessary width! Since the text was rag right, one space was 45.6 points, the next 34, the next 39.3, and so on. This, for about 70 lines of text!

As you might surmise from this, no lack of other creative formatting solutions adorned the document, but I'll leave this one for you to savor.

In case any reader does not know the solution to copying the text from such a case into a new document without doing the same somersaults in reverse, it's holding down Alt, then selecting with the mouse, to make a vertical selection.

Enjoy your day.
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