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Default Durations are not correct

Hi all,

Being the novice that I am I've encountered another problem with a plan I am working on. Apologies in advance if this is something which has been discussed before.

I have developed a high-level plan which provides a broad overview of various projects and work scopes underway across the company. Within the plan I had set up an additional calendar to cover onsite working (based 12hr/6 day shifts per week as opposed to the 8hr/5 day shift on standard calendar).

However, I have just noticed that although my date range for individual tasks is correct the durations are not.

Now, what I understand (I think) is this is to do with the way MS Project calculates durations based on the information contained in the Project Options/ Scheduling settings/ Calendar Options. So, when I set a 12hr calendar across a 6 day week to some tasks and then set a specific window within which a task must be completed (22nd June 2015 to 24th July) and apply this new calendar, MS Project uses the date range I have entered but calculates the duration based around a standard shift?

Is this correct? If so, how can I resolve it?

The high-level plan gives a skewed impression that we will be working onsite for 43 days (based on the total number of hours worked divided by the standard 8hr?), when actual fact it is only 29 working days.

I apologies in advance as I imagine this has been asked before. Any help would be appreciated

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