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There's a couple of things going on. When you go to the organizer, you are simply making that filter available in all files you open on your machine.

If you want to create a view for "Archived" I suggest creating a new view and applying the filter to that view explicitly. Then you simply apply that view or apply the Gantt chart view or perhaps an "Active Projects" view.

Are you using Project 2003? If so, this is going to be from memory - so I may miss a few pieces:
  • Right click on the far left side (where it currently shows the active view name).
  • Choose More Views from the shortcut menu to open the More Views dialog.
  • Select the Gantt chart view and click Copy to open the View Definition dialog.
  • In the View Definition dialog, give the view a new name - perhaps Archived Projects" and select the custom filter you created. (I'm assuming your filter filters only for field = Archived.)
You may also find the built-in Completed Tasks filter works well if you are marking the tasks as complete.
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