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Originally Posted by mike.smith View Post
Hello Bobosmite,

I just did not get your question. You need to get rid of all single quotation marks or get rid of some specific one?

The thing is that in simple find and replace field you can into some extend use wildcards but I am not sure whether such logical operators as you have stated would work. So that is why I need you to exactly define what you want to get rid of and what you want to have preserved in your document.

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Sorry, phrasing this question gave me some problems. Let me try again.

I have a large document where the characters speak in Jamaican Patois so there are many sentences like this:

"you comin' wi' me 'cause 'im's no trust y' 'story'."

The text is pasted fom different sources. Imagine trying to fix a document that's been converted from .DOC to .PDF to .LIT and then back to .DOC.

I want to find all the single quotation marks in the document, but exclude some wildcards like: 's <apostrophe-S> as it's a possessive as already correct. Being able to exclude certain wildcards like 's, 'nt, 've while searching for all single quotation marks would make it much easier.

It's kind of like when you add a - <minus> to a string to exclude something in a search.
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