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Okay, I tried it, and the initial steps of the procedure didn't have any beneficial effects, so I got into the final step which includes editing the Registry -- not my favorite activity. I didn't have the chance to complete the step because early on I hit a wall: The screen didn't look like what the instructions said, so I had to stop. So much for the fix, BUT ...

The pop-ups started showing up when the PC went on a trip to Florida with its owners. Something in the system knew that it was a new environment, and as I worked with each of the six email accounts, coordinating the passwords with LastPass (my password manager), and receiving codes that I had to send back proving that I was who I said I was, the pop-ups started occurring less and less frequently. By the time I was through with all six accounts -- one refused to get fixed, and I'll probably have to have Geek Squad look at the Registry -- the pop-ups stopped entirely. I don't know what to say about that, so I'll stop now.
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