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Default Outlook macro to ask trainers to enter number of users attended the training in email itself

Need help and let me know if this macro is already available to re-use.

I am looking for a Outlook email macro for following two scenarios:

Why I need the these macros:
I support client from remotely and lot of communication and interact on project virtually through MS Outlook and other tools. I want to send a simple form where i want client to just click or enter in 1 or 2 key enters so that they will have easy response method and do not feel that they have to go through long process of clicking email link and then enter their responses. For administration, I should get the response in a email that should be exported into EXCEL.

1) Scenario 1:
There are say 1000 people to train on an app and there are about 50 trainers spread across the globe and I want them to tell me just the count how many people they have trained at their location. Well this could be captured through the email and we may not receive responses from all 50 trainers. hence I want to send them one email and they should enter the count value in the outlook email template itself and i can export this value for all the 50 trainers in excel to get all my statistics in one go. Just imagine if there are 50 emails when all the 50 trainers have responded then its very cumbersome for me to do 50 iterations and see the count and update my sheet

2) Scenario 2:
In the similar case as above, I want a form in Outlook email itself where people will respond to survey questions rather then clicking on Survey monkey tool etc.

Is this possible?
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