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Default Pasting table in Photoshop cutting off table

Hello -

I created a 2 page table using a preconfigured table style offered in Word 2007. I want to use this comparison table in my website. I saved the new table as all 3 web page types allowed in "save as". However, every way lost some format and style enough where it can't be used (ie width expanding in all column making it exceed allowed width area breaking the site). The html is a bit foreign language the way Word saved, so I can't edit it myself and shouldn't have to anyway.

So the next thing I tried to do was to copy it and save it as an image. It exceeds 1 page so I can't use PrtSc. So I did a select-all, copy, and then attempted to paste it into both Paint and Photoshop. But only 3/4s of the table gets pasted. It is highlighting entire table. I click on the clipboard in word and when I select what it copied, it repastes ALL of it back into Word.

Someone on the web suggested to someone else to copy all and use paste special into Word and save as an picture. I tried that but it still cuts off the last part of the table.

Any suggestions on how to get this table properly formatted and into my webpage? I would prefer to use html so I could create a few links from my table, but at this point I'll take a image because I have to have it 100% the same format.

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