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Default Excel Error Loading Custom UI XML

I tried to customize the Quick Access Toolbar for a workbook named 'fname_test.xlsm' by adding an icon that runs a macro (Macro1). When I close the workbook and reopen it, I get the following error. When I answer 'OK' to the message, the icon is not there. Any help would be appreciated:

Error found in Custom UI XML:

Error Loading Custom UI XML
Line 1:
Column: 480
Error Code 0x80004005
A name contained an invalid character.
Error parsing
‘fname_test.xlsm_Macro1’ as QName datatype.
The attribute ‘idQ’ with value
‘fname_test.xlsm_Macro1’ failed to parse.

I think this is related to KB969682. I would test by uninstalling this KB but the Control Panel doesn't list this patch as installed even though when I try to reinstall it, an error message says that it is already installed.

I am running Office 2003 and 2007 and have been doing so for years without problem.

I've attached a test workbook that shows the problem. Rename the extension to xlsm to run it.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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