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Default Stream from Win 7 computer - three windows to three separate monitors - wireless

Hi there,

I have a bit of a challenging setup query for you guys. I would like to mount 3 tv monitors on the walls within the office and have various Word documents streamed to them showing customer service and sales statistics.

I had previously researched Chromecast as an option and various HDMI flat screen tv monitors that could be wall mounted. However, it seems that Chromecast has certain limitations with the number of tabs that it can stream. It seems that only one tab can be streamed per computer, which means that 3 computers would be required to host all of the desired statistical displays. So the setup using Chromecast would require 3 x dongles and 3 x computers.

Are there any other cost effective alternatives that would allow for streaming statistics to tv monitors? Ideally, the streaming process should be managed from a single computer and user. Maybe there is a hosted site service available?

I would be grateful for any ideas that you are able to suggest. Has anyone done something similar to this?

Many thanks,

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