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Default Can PowerPoint play a random sound file from a specified directory on slides I designate?

Hey all, first post here! I use PowerPoint as part of my work and have a mountain of advanced things I'd like it to do, but don't know how. So I figured I'd start with this one and see how it goes!

Basically, I have a directory full of music clips. For certain slides in my show, I'd like PowerPoint to choose one of those music clips at random, start playing it automatically, and end it at the end of that slide. (If it could fade it out instead of just cutting off abruptly that would be even better!) What I'm going for is an effect kind of like a sports game where they have a song kick in at every break in the action. Also, it would be really cool if it could remove a song from the random selection pool after it's used so there's no repeats.

Is there any way to do this? Thanks!
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