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Default Printing page 1

Obviously people at microsoft don't live in the real world, i am just trying to switch from outlook express to microsoft outlook 2003 and have the same problem where i can't print just the 1st page of an e-mail. I get around 30 e-mails everynight at 10:30 and absolutely have to only print the 1st page of each and every one of those e-mails on the back of another already preprinted page that relates to the information that will be printed on the back. In outlook express i can right click select print and the dialog box comes up that lets me select to print just 1 page. It is absolutely ludicrous to suggest to have to go in and change format or save to anther file first and then print. I thought Bill Gates was smarter than this and could figure this out on his own, i'm sure he would want to do this himself ( course he wouldn't admit it LOL ) i certainly hope someone out there has a solution for this problem cause i'll be switching back to outlook real fast.
Thank you for your time.
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