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It seems I/we have solved the problem. It was the anti-virus blocking Office but not in an anticipated way.
After installing Office 2013 and activating the license it can be assumed that it is complete and ready to use. IT IS NOT. The first time Office goes online to find Templates or whatever it downloads at least 4 folders to the user's AppData folder. It was the download of those folders to the file system that was being blocked. Once the folders have been downloaded and installed the anti-virus can be re-installed/activated and there will be no further issue.

The folders install in the (profile)AppData/Local/Microsoft/Office/15/WebServiceCache/AllUsers folder. Elsewhere on the Internet at least one person suggested deleting the WebServiceCache folder and matching Registry key would solve the problem. Not in my experience. Office does recreate the cache on first use but still cannot download the additional folders. If you look in your own file system you will see the folders (assuming yours works). If Office fails to download the folder it creates one just for the failure (its name suggests timed out). Look at a machine that has failed and you will see only one folder. It appears only if failure occurs.

If you can disable or uninstall you anti-virus and allow Office to complete the download evidence at this point suggests there will be no further problem. We will see about that. Can you simply copy those folders to another computer? NO, it appears there is more to it than that. Office must also be mapping code to those folders while it installs them for access to them later.

In various tests, just letting Word access Templates online was sufficient for all other suites to access their appropriate templates without a problem. PowerPoint and Excel were able to access online templates even after the anti virus had been reinstalled but before I had tried to access them. That is why I say it is a one time download.

We use Kaspersky AV. At one point we used ESET and I do not recall having this issue with ESET. Kaspersky is an aggressive AV and frankly is our first thought (blame) when anything fails.

It might be good if someone would post this on the open Net for others to see. I won't be. Many normal users are looking for the solution and not really getting helped. Who knew Office needed to download additional folders to work properly?
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