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Still working from home this morning. I'll try to set up a dummy version I can send to you when I get to my office later.

The problem I'm having is getting my text to fit into the proper location in the letter. I also may be trying to something a little more complicated than what any of the tutorial examples demonstrate. 5,000 rows of data. Each has a city field that I am using as my Key. Each row represents a specific project in the city with statistics for each project. The result needs to be one letter to each Mayor of about 450 cities with the Mayor name, summary statistics of all the projects stated once in each letter and then project-by-project details for all projects in the city included at the end of the letter. Project detail needs to be at the very end because the number of projects varies from one to 84 depending on the city and if I include that in the body of the letter, it would be too much for cities with larger numbers of projects.
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