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Default Word templates online- Your Internet request timed out

Here at our College we have many Win 7 64 bit computers with Office Pro Plus 2013. Some will access online templates but many of them return the message "Your Internet request timed out. The service might be temporarily busy." At this moment I am in a computer lab with 18 machines. Six of them will connect to the online templates every time I try, the other 12 will not no matter what I try. These computers are clones from a master image so they have the same settings, browsers, antivirus, etc. We have other labs (totaling 400+ computers) that also return the same error.
At the same time we have hundreds of computers that are not in labs but can access the Templates with no issue. I am not finding any really useful info online about the problem. Some suggestions yes but none work.

Has anyone found a solution to this? I did learn that the problems is wide spread and affects many aspects of Office. I suspect it may be related.

Win 7 firewall is OFF, uninstalling antivirus does not help. Repair and reinstall of Office Pro Plus 2013 have not helped.
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