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Default Want to change Macro to copy and paste data to new sheet

I have a Macro that searches for numbers vertically.

When you open the file you will see under column C the numbers 2 10 2 in rows C:2 C:3 C:4. I am looking for all the number sequences down column C that have the 2 10 2 in them

Click on the button labeled "Find Patterns"
That brings up a box that says select range(s) you will high lite C:2 to E:2 and drag down to C:4 E:r and then press k"

This will begin the search. When it finds the answers it will show you a location that the next set of numbers ( 2 10 2) are in $C$17:$E$22
click on "ok" this brings you to that location

Now, for what I want I need help with. I want to be able for the Macro to copy and paste all the locations it finds and place them on the next sheet with 10 rows above and 10 rows below (info from B:J)

If this can not be done easily then I would like the ability to pause the search and copy the location to another sheet manually and then start where it left off. Presently every-time I go to copy and paste, I have to stop it and start all over again. Ideal would be to copy and paste to the next sheet which will save an enormous amount of time

Here is the file
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