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Default Macro to find coloured text and replace with form-field/formtext containing that text

I am trying to do the following (whether it can be manually done OR done using VBA), please note I only have a real basic understanding of VBA.

What I am trying to achieve is:

1.) Search all text in the colour RED;
2.) Replace ALL text that appears in the colour RED and insert them in a {FORMTEXT} / textform while maintaining the text colour if possible.

Or alternatively if that is not possible:

1.) Search for the word "cash" and;
2.) Replace it with a FORMTEXT with the text inserted to them

If I can visibly see in the VBA code where the adjustments are required if I need to change the keyword to for example "month" then at least I can easily amend the code.

Much appreciation to whomever views this thread and can help me out with a solution.

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