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Default go back to default notebook storage location

I set a notebook to store in a local folder. (before, it was stored somewhere on the microsoft cloud -- that is the default). I did this so I could back it up easier.

But then I checked onenote on-line, and I saw that my changes were not syncing to the cloud anymore. That means if I open up onenote on another computer, I won't have the latest changes.
Correct? Or am I doing something wrong?

If what I said is correct, then I want to go back to the default cloud storage location.
how do I do that?

Okay, I think I got it figured out now.
I set the storage location to be the local skydrive folder, documents.
Then, in order to open the notebook in onenote, I had to choose "other notebooks", because it was not in the regular list.
when I opened it, it paused a little while, and then it opened, and it started syncing to the microsoft cloud.
I checked it out on onenote online, and on another computer, and it seems to sync to the cloud just fine now.

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